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The strongest will within Creation is the free will.

And our will is Free.



       My name is Ana. I am an astrologer, an artists, and the voice behind Pom Pom Astrology.

      Pom Pom Astrology uses a unique modality to read the stars. This modality expresses the 12 archetypes of astrology as a continuous progression of sacred geometry. This elegant and simple language unifies the 12 archetypes of astrology, and expresses thought and energy independent of words.


Donation Based Services

  Ana's reading is donation based. Ana seeks to empower her clients with a reminder of the most fulfilling human experience they have chosen before they were born, an awareness of the power of their free will, and an understanding of their day to day experience beyond language. To know our path is to change our path.

You will get:

  1. A 60 minutes, personalized consultation over Zoom

  2. A written report containing your natal chart summary

  3. A simple, hand-drawn copy of your natal chart

    Ana believes that we share pockets of consciousness, akin to accessing a shared cloud memory. A strong motif in Ana's work is the circle, or Pom Poms.


  Find out why!

Ana's Artworks

If this reality is a Matrix, the stars are the mechanics of this Matrix. Astrology reads the scripts running in the background. It contains the information about our avatars in this incarnation.

What's Astrology?

Geometry preserves the non-linearity of thought forms. It is a close representation of raw energy.


    Ana was born in the 1990s in China. Her trajectory in this incarnation took a turn when she met her twin flame in New York, on the first day of 2017.

About Ana

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