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       Ana believes that we share pockets of consciousness, akin to accessing a shared cloud memory. There have been artworks with strikingly similar aura done by artists who could not have possibly known each other. Some artworks are echoes of ourselves, because their forms are within our collective Conscience.
      Circles are prominent motifs. Ana calls them "pom poms". Pom poms are soft, gentle and endlessly symmetrical.


Tapestry #1 (2018)

Fiber, yarn, glass beads, PVC tube, wood stick, sequin, plastic beads, amulets,

Uni (2018)

Acrylic on canvas

Sygils (2018)

Embroidery thread on silk handkerchief, basal wood primed with rose olive oil

Anamorphosis (2016)

Marble clay. The name "Anamorphosis" was the module title given by Ana's design professor back in school. Seven months after that module, Ana left Singapore for San Francisco, where she really morphed into "Ana'.

Tapestry #1