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What is Astrology?

       If this reality is a Matrix, the stars are the mechanics of this Matrix. We manifest ourselves into this reality to experience an incarnation of our choice. We’re here to experience the joy of existence, to create and co-create with our free will using the Law of Attraction, or simply by manifest.


       Before we were born, we have defined what is the most abundant human experience, the best persona to actualize this experience, and the possible pathways this persona may make within a third density reality to reach that destination.

       The personas we play, and the story-lines we run are part of our scripts within this third density reality.

       Astrology decodes our birth data, and maps out all the potential scripts we run in this incarnation. It empowers us to make choices that support the our souls' desires. It also empowers us to see the malware we are born with within karma. To know is to be able to make new choices.

What is Geometry Astrology?

       Ana found this unifying language when she was a student of astrology. Geometry Astrology expresses the 12 archetypes of astrology as a continuous progression of sacred geometry. This elegant and simple language unifies the 12 archetypes of astrology. It allows the reader to understand the continuous state of change of any energy they experience. Given any archetype, the reader will know where it comes from and where it progresses to, without the need for words.  



       Language is a construct; it adulterates thoughts into linearity. Linear thoughts need to be linked by logic. And logic only creates one-one correspondence – one expression is linked to one other expression. But thought pattern itself is multi-branched and simultaneous. When using a linear structure, we have to choose to express one train of thought and forego many others. There is data loss in a single transmission of thought.

       Geometry preserves the non-linearity of thought forms. Geometry, unlike language, is a priori, self-referencing, and independent of the observer. We did not construct geometry. Geometrical progressions observe energy in their manifold and evolving nature.

       A detachment from words gets us closer to understanding the energies and thoughts in their primordial forms. This is especially useful when reading the natal chart, as the encoded information is pure energy.