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Thank you for your interest! My reading is donation based.


My reading attempts to shed light on the evolutionary past of the soul, its energetic imprints in this lifetime, its potential evolutionary future, and its possible pathways to live the fullest human experience.


I seek to empower my clients with a reminder of our free will.

 During your session, I access your natal chart with your birth time, date and city and country of birth. The natal chart documents the positions of the stars, at the space-time of your manifestation or birth. It contains the setting of your avatar in this incarnation.
    My reading provides a perspective to the following questions:


  1. What is the evolutionary desire of my soul in this incarnation?

  2. What is my inner compass that I should navigate towards on a moment to moment basis?

  3. What are the “malware”, or karmic patterns, I carried over from past life?

  4. How do I resolve these karmic patterns, to manifest the desire of my soul in this incarnation?

  5. What are the energetic pathways I can capitalize on?

  6. What are the energetic pitfalls I need to keep an eye for?

  7. How do I resolve these pitfalls?


   We can have a FREE 20 minutes voice call, in which I provide a perspective on the evolutionary dynamics of your avatar in this incarnation.

  If we decide to proceed, you will receive:

  1. A 600 words hand-written report containing what we talked about in the free 20 min call in detail

  2. Your natal chart, and

  3. A hand-drawn interpretation of your natal chart. See some samples below!

The written report is based on donation. Please donate any amount that you feel is comfortable.

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With gratitude and blessings,